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It is as an independent architect that Carlo Giannella forged his reputation. After having participated in major projects in French Polynesia, he decided, in 2012, to create Studio Gaïa in Paris.
Combining creativity and technique, flexibility and rigor, functionality and aesthetics while refusing the traditional separation between architecture and interior design: this is the vision of architecture that is specific to it and that Studio Gaïa offers its customers.
Thanks to this deeply modern approach, we have been building the loyalty of a large clientele as prestigious as it is varied for ten years. Our international team is made up of around ten architects and interior designers, all driven by a passion to bring our clients’ dreams to life.
Based in Paris, rooted in Italy where the act of building remains an art of living, Studio Gaïa designs and monitors all types of operations, new or restructuring, in all sectors of activity: offices, hotels, housing and shops. We bring together three complementary professions: design project management, execution project management and project management.
Guided by the trust of our customers and by their level of requirement, we are constantly pushing our limits. Over the years, we have been able to expand our influence and our expertise while maintaining an agile structure thanks to a network made up of high-level professionals and our ability to synthesize the contemporary architectural project.
In collaboration with fellow architects from the French and international scene, we ensure partnerships on large-scale projects involving multiple actors and skills.